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You’ve already started hearing about us. You’re not sure where or when, but it’s there, buzzing. It’s alright, you can go and get a Mantis, drink it and focus on remembering. Was it the radio? Maybe Facebook? An Instagram image? Did you read it in the news? We’re everywhere! (especially at your local shop)

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Refresh Your SocialMedia and Branding Taste by Refreshing the Dialogue

How should a business transform itself into a brand? To ask the question is to begin a long but necessary review of marketing, communication, technology and the use (or too often, the misuse) of social media; because the latter is not – and companies should stop trying to make it be – a platform for naked self-promotion, corporate boilerplate and narcissistic rhetoric that resonates with no one and...

A Look At Energy Drinks

Although the term “energy drink” only made it into Merriam-Webster in 2012, the venerable dictionary notes that this expression first surfaced way back in 1904.  But energy drinks (any of various types of beverage that are considered a source of energy) themselves are far older than that. A forensic study published in October, 2014 indicates that Roman gladiators consumed an energy drink of vinegar and ash.  Coffee — popularized by the Arabs in the 15th century...


3 Reasons energy drinks will continue to dominate the shelf

In 1987, an energy drink was sold for the very first time in its home market of Austria.  The original beverage, at the time called Krating Daeng, was actually a Thai energy drink marketed to truckers, farmers, and construction workers.  It wasn’t until Austrian business man, Dietrich Mateschitz, drank this formula to cure his jet lag that Red Bull finally “got its wiiings” and a new category was born...

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